What if Binaryx doesn’t find a tenant? Will there be rental income?

Like in the traditional real estate market, the income will not accumulate while the apartment is not rented out. However, this situation is unlikely: Binaryx Platform picks the most attractive locations with high demand for rent. Our certified partners — management companies — take care of leasing out properties on Booking.com and other platforms. The apartments currently listed on Binaryx Platform have a nearly 100% occupancy rate.

What if something happens to the property?

Household issues do occur in any home: from leaky faucets to fridge malfunctioning. During every property sale, Binaryx fills up a maintenance reserve fund to fix those problems without any extra cost for property owners or tenants. Certified management companies fix all maintenance problems arising in properties.

To secure properties from all potential larger-scale damages, we will open an insurance program for investors. Property owners will be able to insure their real estate if they find it necessary.

What if the property devalues in a real estate bubble?

We are listing properties in Bali because the real estate market here is growing due to robust objective factors. The probability of sudden price drops or bubbles is extremely low.

However, it is never zero, and we understand that. That’s why we enable diversification by listing multiple properties in different jurisdictions. Binaryx investors can minimize risk by investing in various properties across the world.

What if Binaryx Platform stops to exist?

Binaryx is a platform that makes it convenient to manage real estate tokens. However, once you’ve purchased the tokens, your ownership of the property is recorded on the blockchain and remains intact whatever happens to Binaryx Platform.

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