What is fractional ownership?

The residential real estate market is known for its stability and high income, but very few of us can afford to buy an entire property. To make an investment, you’d need to spend at least $50K for a down payment and months to prepare the contract according to local laws. Finally, you’d need to take care of the property and find tenants to rent it.

Luckily, today, there’s a legal framework that allows anyone to own fractions of real estate anywhere in the world. This eliminates all the hassle of traditional investing.

How does it work?

Fractional ownership of properties is ensured by blockchain technology and backed by U.S. laws. Ownership of a house is turned into a digital format and recorded as tokens on the blockchain. Each token has a fixed value of $50. Whoever buys this token, becomes a co-owner of the property in the real world.

This framework is not our invention: fractional ownership of assets has been around for 5 years and implemented by multiple companies. In fact, leading economists acknowledge it as one of the key trends of the decade: the market of blockchain-based assets is to grow 25X by 2030.

Perks of fractional ownership

  • Low barrier to entry – invest as little as $50

  • Zero paperwork – we’ve done it all for you

  • Sell it fast – whenever you want to get rid of your investment, you can do it in a few clicks

  • Diversify – since property fractions are inexpensive, you can buy many different ones to “put your eggs in different baskets”

  • No property management hassle – we find tenants, distribute rent between investors, take care of the property, and pay taxes

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