Step 2: Top up your balance

If you’ve logged in with MetaMask, you can skip this section: simply make sure you have enough USDT on Polygon to make a purchase on Binaryx Marketplace.

If you’ve logged in via email or Google account, click “Wallet” in the menu once you finish the identity check. This is a cryptocurrency wallet that we’ve automatically created for you. You will see two cryptocurrencies – MATIC and USDT:

The property ownership rights on Binaryx are represented in the form of digital tokens. The tokens have a fixed value of $50 each. To purchase real estate tokens, you will need two cryptocurrencies – USDT and MATIC:

USDT is a cryptocurrency that you need to buy real estate tokens. Its value is equal to US Dollars: for example, 50 USDT = 50 USD.

MATIC is a cryptocurrency that you will pay to the blockchain as a fee for your transaction. We’ve already sent some MATIC to your wallet, so you don’t have to replenish the MATIC balance.

Top up your USDT balance to buy real estate tokens

In the "Wallet" section, click "Deposit":

You can top up your account in three ways:

  1. USDT. If you already have cryptocurrency on another crypto wallet or exchange, send USDT to your address on Binaryx. Specify the amount and then go to the wallet and complete the transaction. When setting up the transaction, indicate that you need USDT on the Polygon blockchain.

Also, if you have a crypto wallet or account on a crypto exchange but no cryptocurrency on them, you can buy USDT there using a bank card. Then send these funds to your Binaryx wallet.

  1. Bank transfer.

You can top up your account by making a bank transfer. Such currencies as USD, EUR, and PLN are available, and we will soon add the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH).

Specify the amount and make the payment:

Make sure to include your account number in the transfer: without it, we won't be able to accurately identify the sender of the payment.

Ensure that the amount received on your Binaryx wallet, after the bank's commission, is not less than the amount you want to invest. Binaryx Platform does not charge any fees for bank transfers.

For payments in USD, we will credit your Binaryx wallet with an amount in a 1:1 ratio. For payments in other national currencies, we will convert USDT at the current market rate.

  1. Cash. When choosing this top-up method, you will see the following message:

We accept cash payments worldwide through our partners. Write to us so that we can find the optimal method for you based on your location and amount. After that, we will invite you to the office of our partner, who will accept the cash payment and transfer USDT to your Binaryx wallet.

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