How can I exit my investment?

In Binaryx, you can pull out of your investment at any moment in just a few clicks. To sell your property fraction, go to the "Secondary Market" tab in the menu:

This is a place where real estate investors on Binaryx sell their property fractions, or tokens, to each other.

Important: You can only sell tokens if the property sale has been completed.

Find the property that you want to sell — and click "Sell":

Enter the number of tokens that you want to sell or click "Max". Note that you will be charged a secondary market fee.

Click "Sell" and confirm your transaction.

Other investors will see that you placed your tokens for sale. Once someone buys them, the corresponding amount of USDT will be sent to your wallet. You will see how your USDT balance increases. This will be also reflected in your Transaction history.

In the same way on the Secondary Market you can buy new property tokens that other investors have put on sale.

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